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Apex Legends is a fascinating game released by Electronic Arts. In this game, players are divided into three teams, each player in turn chooses a unique legend, with up to 20 teams participating in each game. With your progress, there are several weapons to be acquired and tasks to be accomplished, so be ready to hack some battles with our Apex Legends coins generator!

Before you start playing the game, make sure you have high quality headphones or speakers, because sound plays an important role in the game. You need to react fast once you heard your enemies’ voice. In addition, if you are close to some rare items, you will be able to hear a unique voice. No matter what you are lack of, you must have you own headphones or speakers when playing this game.

Apex Coins

Apex Coins are the main currency of the game. It purchases all kinds of skin, weapons and so on. Apex coins can also be used to purchase combat passes. In the game, you can get coins by purchasing campaigns and completing certain tasks. Another way to get them is to log in every day to get a daily bonus. Some players pay for apex coins. Others use Apex Coins Generator in ps4 xbox and pc platforms to hack the game. So that they have more chance to rule the game in their ways.


You can choose countless weapons and ammunition from the weapons inventory. This makes the game more attractive. Usually, normal weapons will float in the air and shine. You can get it once you reach level one. However, powerful weapons are not easy to be obtained. They are usually hidden in the secret place. You have to complete certain quests to know their location. After you learn about the location, you also have to spend more effort and time to get them. Because they are protected by powerful guardian.

Each weapon has a different skill. The rarer the weapon is, the more unique the skill is! You should always have different kinds of weapons, so that you can survive in a series of battles. Just keep in mind that, each time you get a new weapon, you must activate it before using it. Another simple way to get rare weapons is to make use of Apex Legends hack. It can give you enough apex coins to buy the powerful weapons in this game.

Use headphones

As mentioned before, Apex Legends allows you to have voice chats with your teammates and other players in the game. If you use this function wisely, you will get the most benefits in the battlefield. Headphones is the necessary item you must have. With its help, you can easily hear the sound and take action accordingly. The fast you act, the more enemies you will kill.

Only collect the necessary items

As you know, you can only collect limited items with you when you are in battle. In order to make rooms for the rare items which you will pick up in the game, you have to only carry the useful items with you. Don’t collect the useless items unless you know what you are doing.

Start with the fewer opponents map

At the beginning of the game, you should choose the map which have fewer opponents to start your battle. This will give you more time to make battle adjustment. What’s more, you will have more opportunity to find the powerful weapons in these area.

There are many shrubs and trees in the game. Think of them as a good hiding place. They can provide you with a good place to hide while avoiding your opponents. It’s a best choice to hide from the advanced players when you can’t defeat them at that moment.

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